The Blak One - Apple, Tomato & Chilli Breakfast Sauce

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The One Food Company x MATBLAK - Apple, Tomato & Chilli Breakfast Sauce

Blending apple, tomato, chillies and spices to create a unique and rounded condiment.

Inspired by Matts best friends mum in New Zealand who passed a version down (out of the family!) directly into his hands.
Developed & created via post and text over 6 months to bring you the ultimate breakfast pairing.

We slow roast our fresh tomatoes and onions to bring their natural sweetness and blend them together with the finest cooking apples this nation has to offer. Finished with spices, herbs and vinegar to balance this beast.

Dip. Marinate. Baste, Eat. Repeat.

250ml Bottles

Min shelf life 8 months

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