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Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil

Our Home grown British cold pressed rapeseed oil.

Grown, cold pressed and bottled in Norfolk. We select a single variety famed for its light versatile consistent flavour. 

  • Half the saturated fat (6.5g per 100ml) of Extra virgin cold pressed Olive Oil *
  • 100% Provenance - Grown and crushed and bottled by us
  • High In Omega 3 (Total Omega-3 fatty acids 8870 mg/100g)
  • Very high burn point

Seen as the British alternative to Olive oil, can be used to Roast, Bake, Fry and dress. 

Available in 500 ml bottles & 2.5 Litre Tins 

* Source of claim comparison:

 14.0g per 100ml - Clear spring organic extra virgin olive oil


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